The ultimate guide to dining out late at night in Brisbane

Brisbane After Dark – All you night owls out there can rejoice, with these various trendy places which stay open to all hours you can rest assured that you can get a tasty snack or meal late at night or even when the sun is coming up.

I know exactly how you feel, you finish a late work shift or walk out of a night club or show finding your self ravenous from the alcohol munchies. You need some  savory sustenance,  and I mean you need it right now!

But with so just about every decent joint in town closed and you only have a few choices, and they are well of a not so cheap and nasty! Firstly you have the good ole greasy kebab, ok when there is absolutely nothing else in sight open and you are starving you might have to go that route – and not to mention  Maccas or Hungry Jacks, which are not much better and terrible for anyone who is watching their waistline.

So what is a better alternative to these horrible choices?

I have made a list of some of best places in Brisbane which serve decent food after dark and always keep the drinks flowing, whether you want a beer, wine, coffee, hot chocolate or a milkshake.

These places actually have good business sense and stay open until the crowd  goes home.

Be sure to drop in next time you are in the area. Simply do a quick google search to find out where these are located. Enjoy

Death Before Decaf 

Alfredo’s Pizzeria

The Pancake Manor

Majo’s Casual Italian Dining

Greaser Bar

Bird’s Nest Yakitori and Bar

Chester Street: Bakery and Bar

The Burrow

Granada Cafe Tapas Bar

The Sangria Bar

Fat Noodle


Tank Bar and Laneway Dining

Canvas Club

Brunswick Social


Stitching it to the Man – How Knitting Made Clothing Groovy Again

How To Make Wool Clothing Look Funky Again

Over a period of 5 years, DIY knitting has become super fashionable. A movement against mainstream clothing is being spearheaded by the humble ball of wool, which has been made the emblem of everything that is cool. There is something very punk rock about the whole thing, actually. Folk are annoyed with all the boring stuff out there on the mainstream clothing circuit, and so they’ve decided to take some action about it.

Once upon a time, any person with a home knitted sweater was probably old, a fisherman, or the butt of much joking at school. Nowadays, however, all that has changed. Home knit sweaters are the ultimate retro fashion piece.

Groovy young folk all across the country are grabbing the needles and learning the art of stitching and bitching: and knitting some fairly extraordinary accessories while they’re about it. Want a Manga inspired hat or a cyberpunk jumper? Knitting your own will make it all the sweeter.

Budget Fun and Funky Friends

Searching for similar knitting clubs and pages? Just look for Patons wool and they will all pop up.

The thing about making your own jumpers with arran and so on is this. You are getting superb quality materials and completely original clothes, for way less moolah than you should pay for an off the peg item. You are able to invent the garments on your own, or you can download patterns from the Internet. You can download pattern ideas from forums and targeted knitting fan web sites. You can hook up with like minded knitters and share your thoughts, hints and tricks.

Knitting is a very social activity. Become a member of a knitting club, and get down with the darning needles on a Saturday night. There’s nothing like a night in with some friendly needle throwers and a few bottles of bubbly to have you feeling like a member of the gang. And at the end of it all you get garments you can actually utilise. Trendy, fresh looking things that not one other person has – and which cost you less than 20 quid to do.

More than only knitting

There should be a bunch more out on the web than only knitting. You can uncover how do I buy a Ltd company on the internet, too.
Setting up and supplying stuff on the net these days is simpler, more secure and better. You’ll find beefed up security all round and a much better range of products. And with groupsfor everything from lace table cloths to hard drives popping up all over the net, you are guaranteed to uncover both the knowledge and the products you need.

With Web 2.0 up and working, the way the net works is way more user focused than ever before. You can buy anything you need. You can vend anything you want to. DIY is now even simpler. Harvesting the benefits of doing things for yourself is even easier. Whether you vend or you buy, the Internet is now geared up to make sure you do it.

The user led Web

Check this site out for plenty of good illustrative instances of how a community with common interestes can make the net work on their behalf.
This is one of the greatest things about knitting. It’s something that is good for a wide selection of ages and tastes. You’ll be capable of finding similar knitters to join your own revolution, wherever you are and whatever you enjoy.

So if you’re in it to find better cardies, to find a way to get the types of clothes you honestly want, or to get some quality time with a load of great people: knitting can deliver what you are after.

It’s fun, it’s artistic and it’s also got a retro cool surrounding it that different hobbies can’t hope to match. At the very least, you will get some all star scarves out of it: and if you really fall for it, you could well end up starting a clothing company for yourself.

AppleBees Recipes Oriental Chicken Salad

AppleBees International is really a popular American business which companies, copes with and operates the Applebees Neighborhood Grill and Bar food chain. The company described to possess a lot more than two thousand eating place branches in the world as of the year 2010. The firm illustrates popular American selections such as shrimp, noodles, chicken breast, salads and also riblets (which their particular niche). All their eating places add a club where they give you alcoholic beverages as well as other liquids. Applebees recipes possess gathered hobbies amongst many food addicts currently. Here are a few of the most liked recipes.

Applebees recipes, Cheesecake Factory recipes and Olive Garden recipes are probably the many researched on the internet, as numerous household moms along with foods fans seek to copy their preferred recipe about the food selection. The company’s meals menus is actually revised at least 2 times per year. But the thing that makes this particular meal so special? The actual dish is actually dished up with toasted almonds, refreshing lettuce, as well as crisp rice ramen offered having a playful oriental dressing. Being a personal recipe, the initial food is actually held key by simply their master culinary experts. Even so the solution on this salad is based on its outfitting which is a fine mixture of sugar, mayo, wine white vinegar, sesame oil, and Dijon mustard.

A artichoke soak is probably the globe’s favorite Applebees recipes. This particular dip is definitely suitable for every day parties such as Brand new Decades Event, Tremendous Dish as well as and many others. Anyone who has visited the actual cafe will truly really like this specific drop. Warm, gooey, creamy- it is heavenly! This dip may also be used as a stuffing pertaining to fish, chicken along with halibut before preparing. With regard to ten to be able to 12 parts, you will require ten oz . involving refreshing spinach(roughly ), the could of artichoke mind s (roughly sliced), 1 mug mozerella, 1 / 2 acup involving mozzarella cheese, 1 tsp garlic (minced), four ounces associated with lotion mozzarella dairy product and salt& pepper for you to taste. Before temperature stove (350 F), combine ingredients and cook at thirty minutes till the mozzarella dairy product provides melted.

The fiesta calcium chicken is simply cooked boneless chicken white meat that’s marinated in tequila and also lime juice tastes. It is usually offered with Pico de Gallo, Free airline rice as well as tortilla pieces. To get ready the chicken, all that you should carry out will be serve tequila, lime scale juices, garlic clove, ginger root and also chicken right into a sealable plastic-type tote and then leave this in the chiller over night. Barbeque grill marinated chicken breast for 3 to 5 minutes or until it’s cooked. Remember to brush the particular chicken breast with set-aside spices, sprinkle a few cheese then broil till the cheese has got dissolved. This particular lips hitting food is definitely one of the greatest Applebees dishes you dont want to miss.

A queso blanco is actually frothy as well as hot and spicy white colored parmesan cheese blended with new tomato vegetables, cilantro, roasted poblanos and also red onion. A dip is best served together with tortilla chips. A queso blanco is good for enjoying play offs and also as you’re watching your chosen videos. Everything you should perform will be sauté one fourth mug of finely cut red-colored onions and 1 jalapeno pepper in the skillet as well as gradually put twelve oz . of white parmesan cheese, four oz Monterey Jack parmesan cheese and also 1 / 2 a cup full of whole milk. Include a tomato vegetables as well as cilantro. Finish it with tortilla chip son along side it. In case you are yearning for AppleBees tested recipes, the queso blanco is indeed a should try!

Brisbane Adults – Nightlife And Adult Services

Brisbane Nightlife – Brisbane After Hours

From the vale to the CBD, South Bank, West End, Toowong and also the suburbs state capital encompasses a fantastic range of options for those that need a night out in the city, regardless of the preferred doings.

Clubs and Pubs

The city is a lively nightlife space with a mixture of pubs, bars and clubs. The dress code required is fairly undemanding. Guys – nice closed shoes, jeans and a good/funky collared shirt. Girls, something as long because it appears tidy and not like you’ve simply came back from the beach.

Pig n Whistle – Queen Street Mall
Small and smack within the middle of the mall this is often a good combination as a result of its simple to reach and always open.

B confidential
Spring Hill nice edifice bar and gentlemen club with free entry each second weekday encompasses a live band on similarly.

Pig n Whistle – Riverside
Bigger than the one on the mall it’s conjointly a decent place to relax, watch the soccer (mostly football game unless there’s a giant game on). Comparatively low priced drinks are available here.
Gilhooleys – Albert Street
Cheap drinks along with ‘typical’ Irish saloon feel. Smells of Guinness and floors are muggy however they need a good Irish band on weekday nights and Irish dancers, the food is also cheap.

Irish Murphy’s – Elizabeth St
It is definitely one of the best Irish pubs in the town. It has pretty reasonable food (for the price), affordable drinks. The building has two floors one with DJ and one with a band.

Her Majesty’s Bar – Wintergarden
Serious rock and roll! Terribly terribly loud.

O’Malleys – Wintergarden.
It is the most ancient Irish pubs if you are looking for a decent and comfortable ambience. Shows GAA and rugby matches, as well.

The Pav Bar – Riverside
Majorly Trendy and filled with business customers.

Jade Buddah, Riverside
Restaurant and bar, terribly funky and tends to be occupied by the gorgeous folks.

Fridays, Riverside
Looking out for the Water Friday in the Brisbane is one of the most favorite activities. Happy hour cocktails are also available on every Friday night. Check out Fridays site here.

Adult Services In Brisbane

Brisbane Escort And Erotic Massage Services

If you are done with the sight seeing and are feeling like a little more than a drink at the bar or a look at a strip club, maybe a lovely sensual massage whist staying in Brisbane city maybe exactly what you are looking for. Take a look at the profiles at erotic massage Brisbane which lists local erotic masseuses and escorts.

Brisbane Strippers

For Brisbane strippers for any occasion, check out this website.

Brisbane Lawyer Compensation Cases On The Rise

It truly is not a smart approach to acquire legal motion without support from a suitable Brisbane lawyer. Consequently, it is critical to acquire a seasoned legal counsel.

A solicitor offers thorough legal advice to people seeking any traffic accident compensation. Some minor slips might bring about significant diversions from the lawsuit.

Obtaining guidance guarantees you remain focused. Certainly, there happen to be lawyers who specialize in this. This approach will increase your chances of success if and when the actual moment comes you ought to file for a lawsuit.

The most of the cases in connection with injuries get resolved before a full trial in the courtroom. Yet complicated claims with major conflicts with regards to carelessness require personal injury solicitors that put together and provides an evidence of wrong doing to the insurance carrier.

You do not need to be concerned about not getting paid out for all the loss and damage you might have incurred. These people will help you to receive utmost settlement.

Any rapid forwards and backwards movements of the neck area might trigger really serious injury. This is normally what individuals go through who wind up in automobile accidents.

The problem is this particular accident usually does not possess an instant impact. That’s exactly the reason why it’s usually suggested by physicians to get oneself checked out promptly even if you sense that there’s nothing wrong with you. Apart from the required medical assistance, it is also wise to consult a personal injury attorney.

This should be done if you want your legal rights protected and ensured. Based on the Florida legislation, if the accident which in turn contributed to the personal injury associated someone else, and consequently that entity was accountable on the injury, you’ll be given the chance to retrieve losses from these individuals.

Now, we all recognize that injuries aren’t attained solely thru auto accidents, right? A simple tumble and crash can lead to injury. Just about any condition that consists of radical or rapid action in the neck section could possibly lead to serious injury – not just to the neck area but it may likewise have an impact on regions of the head and back.

Any kind of injury entails you to obtain a professional medical checkup. This really is a necessary qualification in order to be entitled to back injury claim. Apart from the outer wounds that are typically evident, it is equally necessary to verify when you have inner wounds prevailing.

If you don’t do this, the defendant’s legal representative may reason that you did this on purpose to deteriorate the condition. God forbid you’ve been mixed up in a major accident or had a crash and sustained an injury; that is certainly awful enough.

Experiencing the agony, therapy, rounds of doctors and drugs, days off work; there is a long checklist of items in the recovery program.

There’s also the psychological torture one commonly get following any accident. You need to put in place a serious effort on the way to getting back again on your toes, recovering from your injury.

In these depressing events, the very last thing you really want to consentrate about is the challenges of struggling with the process of declaring for compensation claims for your injuries.

If you’ve ever lived in Brisbane, you’ll realize what a difficult as well as time intensive system it can be.  Compensation Claims are usually crammed with lots of documentation simply to build a claim for you.

Then you will have to bring this to the right medium as well as be certain that this is observed in a timely manner.

This not only adds to your stress just after enduring a trauma but takes a whole lot of your treasured time as well.

After your wounds cure, you cannot choose to acquire another a day off from the office merely to file each of these claims. That is certainly in which injury claim Solicitors come in useful.

They will provide you information on developing your claim, construct the court case to suit your needs and make sure that you secure your dues. What is more, they are recognized to work on No Win, No Fee policy in which you will not need to pay a nickel for getting your claim. Your solicitor earns money from the third parties associated. Hence you’re ensured of a sound case in your advantage.

Do you have candles in your Brisbane Home?

3 candles
3 candles (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Everyone enjoys having candles in their Brisbane home. Candles are a great way to relax and enjoy a cozy night without all the lights on in the house. A new type of candle is becoming popular; the wickless candles.

These candles burn without the traditional wick and are becoming more and more popular. Searches for wickless candles are starting to flood the internet.

These candles allow users to enjoy the same feelings of traditional candles in a non-traditional way. They typical wick surrounded by wax is outdated! Start the new decade off right with a revolution in candles with wickless candles!

Candles are great in a variety of different ways. They can help heat a cold home in winter or safe some electricity the whole year by reducing lamp usage. They can also be the final touch on a romantic night. There are new candles being introduced into the candle community now.

The wickless candle is a fun and new way to enjoy candles in the home. These candles can also be used in a variety of different ways just like the old traditional candle could be. They also last much longer than traditional candles, which can save a lot of money in the long run.

One of the main reason people use candles is to fill the home with pleasant aromas. Whether someone wants to enjoy the smell of a warm baked apple pie, without the mess and work, or if someone wants to smell freshly extracted vanilla, there is always a candle available.

There are also new scentsy wickless candles that have begun to be distributed. These candles can also be found in a wide variety of smells. So next time there is a craving to smell mandarin oranges or lavender and lilac, find a great smelling, aromatic, relaxing candle and light it up!

What Measures Make Comparing Home Insurance Quotes Useful

You’ve set yourself a quest to acquire the shadowy secrets of home insurance cover and obtain a good deal for a lot less cash. There are various pathways forwards one is simple and one is challenging, whichever you have chosen you may come out of the mission with some home insurance quotes Brisbane to assist you. That could seem a tad too boys own adventure for you, and really home insurance needn’t be like that however the whole subject of insurance does strike fear into a number of people.

There’s a wide variety of data to choose from and it will seem somewhat overwhelming with no shortage of hard work and effort. A couple of easy simple steps will help you get on the correct path to your very best home insurance cover at the lowest cost possible.

The first thing you have to do is establish your level of protection, this is particularly important if you’re insuring your house contents for the first time. A room by room walk through with a a small note book taking down the costs of things/items should ensure you get the best idea of a ball-park figure for the amount of cover. Visit this site for a free home insurance calculator

Once you’ve done that you can set about getting yourself furnished with some home insurance quotes. There really isn’t any alternative to checking out many offers and comparing them side-by-side. You really need to evaluate the finer depth of each and every offer because they can vary, for instance one insurance organisation might demand an increased excess than another.

Use all of the free resources readily available on-line they are very worthwhile and several can help you determine how much insurance you will want and do calculations for you. The comparison internet sites are excellent when you are searching for home insurance so under no circumstances pay no attention to them regardless of how irritating a lot of the marketing is!

If you’re looking at home insurance for the very 1st time then it can seem like somewhat of a daunting thing to take on however if you keep your head, breathe deeply and dive in you’ll be okay. Get as many home contents insurance quote as possible since it genuinely will assist you to obtain the best possible packages available.

Visit home page.

Wickham doesn’t welcome gay sex surveys


English: Trees and grass in Wickham Park, Wick...
English: Trees and grass in Wickham Park, Wickham Terrace, Brisbane ( this photograph was taken by Figaro ) Category:Images of Brisbane (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Trees and grass in Wickham Park, Wickham Terrace, Brisbane ( this photograph was taken by Figaro ) Category:Images of Brisbane (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption]


Wickham hotel located in Brisbane Australia has decided not to allow gay sex survey recruiters into their property-a decision that resulted in a backlash from locals who fear the hotel is gradually losing its gay hotspot status.

The Queensland aids council is targeting gay hotspots in Brisbane with surveys which question gay men on their recent sexual history. In addition, survey participants can choose to take a simple cheek swab test to check the HIV status, with the results sent in a few days later.
“We did not want anyone to feel uncomfortable when approached with the survey”.

Across Australia and the rest of the world, similar surveys are happening because information about gay men’s sexual history is vital in preventing new incidences of HIV. Survey volunteers are usually seen around big pride festivals events in major cities, including the occasional gay bar and clubs. Gay men are asked to take part in the survey but they have the option of saying no if they don’t feel like it.

So when Brisbane newspaper the star observer reported yesterday that the current survey was not welcomed at the Wickham hotel which has just been revamped, a lot of gay punters alarmed at the development contacted the management to reconsider their decision.

however, the marketing manager of Wickham hotels Patrick MacDonald who is also a board member of the Queensland council on aids revealed that at this stage there are no plans to reconsider the decision:”

He said: “our decision wasn’t taken lightly”

“Management discussed this matter at length.”

“We’re well aware that people come to relax, have lunch and coffees and we didn’t want anyone feeling embarrassed if approached with the survey questions”.

“The Wickham hotel is a mixed venue nowadays. All sexual identities are welcome here” “however, in spite of this, our roots still lie firmly in the LGBT community” and that is not going to change, now or going into the future.

“As we consider the survey important, there are other ways we are showing our support by sharing it in our newsletter or on our social media pages.”
The Wickham has long had a history as an LGBT locale supporting the queer charities in Brisbane. MacDonald pointed out that recently as $22,500 donation was made by Wickham to LGBTI organizations including QuAC, Open doors PFLAG and ATSAQ.

Meanwhile, we can expect the gay’s health surveys will continue at the Brisbane pride fair day this Saturday and at regular gay venues including the beat mega club, sex venue’s no 29, the den and bodyline and the sportsman hotel. We urge you to participate. So keep an eye out for the friendly volunteers with the bright re clipboards.

Attention Brisbane Singles – Are You The Anxious Dating Type?

dating in brisbane city

If you’re one who breaks out in a cold sweat at the thought of a first date, then you’re in luck as we’ve got advice from our panel of experts that will help you relax and have fun.

Take for instance Tony, a 29yr old Brisbane based electrician who after breaking up with his girlfriend of several years, first signed up to an online dating site. I’m a very shy person initially, but once I get to know you, I tend to open up and talk alone.

So the thought of meeting a complete stranger in a restaurant and not having a word to say to her just made me weak. However, after the 4th or 5th date with another girl, I began to relax and then I realized nothing awful would happen.

It was the coffee

Men aren’t the only ones who experience the jitters that come from first dates. If you doubt, ask Samantha a 31yr old teacher also based in Brisbane. Every time I go on a date with a new guy, I sweat a lot and my heart pound so fast I think it’s going to burst.

Very embarrassing I tell you. She reports. So I don’t turn the guy off before drinks are ordered, I have had to do some yoga or relaxing meditation just to calm down.

A well known psychologist at the counselling and well being center in Brisbane, says that being anxious to an extent before a first date is totally normal.

It’s a sign you’re keen about this person, in fact it would be odd not to feel nervous at all. She says. How to ease first dates anxiety

Here’s 10 effective tips to help you relax and have fun.

1. Avoid being surprised. Avoid picking something bizarre like scuba diving for your first date. Pick an activity you know you’re good at. This is so you don’t add to the anxiety on ground by not knowing what to expect or where you’re going or what you’ll do.

2. Have faith in yourself believe that this date will be a fun and enjoyable experience for you. Why? Because you will make it so.

3. Dress in ways that brings up your confidence levels. According to the psychologist, some many people tend to buy a new set of clothes for a first date they don’t feel awesome wearing, usually hey don’t realize it until they’re about stepping out the day or are in front of their date. Pick clothes you KNOW you look wonderful in and makes you feel good.

4. Breathe! Relax take in a deep breath and have it at the back of your mind that this event will be light and fun. It’s not a job interview, your life doesn’t depend on it.

5. Allow yourself to feel anxious initially. It’s perfectly alright to tell yourself that you’re a bit anxious. She says. Why?

  • 1. It will help explain some of your unusual behavior.
  • 2. It will help your date feel relaxed because they’re likely to be just as anxious as you are. It will bring the experience at a normal level for you. Being anxious is perfectly ok, so own that feeling.

6. Make use of humor whenever you can? A lot of my clients get themselves all worked up about their impending date. So one of my goals is to lighten things up and get them to have a bit more fun. She says . If you don’t let this date mean everything to you, you won’t feel too anxious. Say to yourself: this is just a day out with someone. Try to have a laugh about it.

7. Be real a lot of people try to pass themselves off in a different light says the psychologist. It’s ok to be on your best behavior but don’t try and remake who you are based on how you think others should see you or what you think they would like to see. Run a check on yourself during the date to make sure you’re your real self.

8. Avoid drinking too much calming yourself with a glass of wine is alight as long as its only 1 glass. Says the psychologist. Why? Because being you’ll have to decide if this person is someone you’ll like to spend more time with and you can’t do that when you’re drunk. Can you?

9. Ask questions if you find yourself at a loss as to what to talk about, ask your date about himself or herself. People usually love to talk about themselves so leaving the conversation open-ended will see it flow so easily.

10. don’t forget, that it’s also ok to be silent too silence is an important part of communicating, so there’s no need to feel anxious about talking when everything goes silent. Says the psychologist.

Here is another article about relationship counselling that you may enjoy.

Are you considering relationship counselling?

relationship counseling couples brisbaneAre you a troubled Brisbane couple? If you believe you have problems in your relationship, here is a quick questionnaire for you which will help focus on the major issues involved in the relationship that need to be healthy to ensure happiness for you as a couple.

Checking these areas will help reveal to you if you need relationship help.



  • What degree of affection do you display towards your partner?
  • How much affection does your partner show to you?
  • How often do you spontaneously give to and nurture each other:
  • With you giving?
  • With you receiving?


How naturally do you:

  1. Discuss and plan practical arrangements?
  2. Share regularly how you feel?
  3. Feel able to bring up issues of your relationship, and resolve them?
  4. Share about your dreams and aspirations?
  5. Let you partner know how much you appreciate him or her?
  6. What exactly do you believe your partner does/says or doesn’t do that prevents you naturally communicating?Can you remark
  7. on what it is that you do/say or don’t do that stops open communication?
  8. Are you aware that you may jump to conclusions or interpretations on things your partner says?


How much do you think of doing enjoyable and light-hearted things together?
What do each one of you do to keep romance alight?


How much passion is there in your relationship?

How happy are you with your sex life?


  • To what degree do you enjoy your own breathing space and individuality?
  • To what degree do you accept your partner’s individuality?
  • To what degree are you happy to be in control of your own needs and wants?


Do you, as a couple consciously share responsibilities?
Are you fairly equal on the “liked” and “not liked” roles and responsibilities?

Are there any traits your partner has that annoys you?


Are there areas within your relationship where you simply give in without wanting to, or that you feel your partner is too controlling in?

Are there areas in which you may dominate your partner?

If you believe that more than a couple of the above questions have raised concerns regarding your relationship, then counselling will help you to examine these and get your relationship or marriage back on track.

For marriage and relationship counselling specialists in Brisbane, and the Gold Coast, check out these sites here.

Whats going on in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia